In fact evading conscription mobilization in Ternopil region opened 83 criminal proceedings 83

criminal proceedings on the fact of evading conscription mobilization (Art. 336 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) started Ternopil police as of 20 April. According to head of the investigation department Rustam Hykavchuka, responsibleing to the results of the preliminary investigation of 12 criminal proceedings submitted to the court, 6 closed 1 pre-trial investigation stopped due to the deviation of the suspect of the investigation, and 64 pre-trial investigation continues. Since the beginning of 2015, investigators discovered Ternopil 14 criminal proceedings on the facts of obstacles tolegitimate activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the crime under Article 114-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. According to Ternopil regional military commissariat, the fourth wave of partial mobilization in the region is made by only 62%. In the military commission Enlistment Ternopil already made 426 administrative reports and eighty Crimenyh proceedings. All data collected and presented military, police check. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region