Anatoly covenants: " The Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine has called the names of people who offered him 10 million, or step down "

Deputy Attorney General David Sakvarelidze Ukraine must immediately make public the names of people who offered him $ 10 million per month " maintenance & quot ;, break against them cryminalnu case and arrest or resign. This April 19, 2015, said the head of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom " Anatoly covenants. Anatoly covenants stated that Deputy Attorney General would not brag about what allegedly refused to receive 10 million dollars, and file a criminal complaint and arrest personsWho offered a bribe: " The application of Deputy Attorney General David Sakvarelidze Ukraine that it would buy monthly " maintenance " $ 10 million dollars, and he allegedly refused on the grounds, suggests disagreeable conclusions. If the Deputy Attorney General David Sakvarelidze - an honest man and really intends to pesticidesysya corruption, he would write a long statement of criminal proceedings for attempting to bribe an official to hold and detention charges of bribery. And also - to name names of these persons and who is behind them. This proved the truth of his intentions to fight corruption. But somehow neither the one nor the other & quot ;. Svobodivets accentsin such statements against the backdrop of a lack of state real fight against corruption is empty chatter and deputy leader of the GPU has to show what really is going to fight corruption or resign. &Quot; This statement - empty chatter and unwanted PR. Perhaps this statement, Deputy Prosecutor General alluding to the fact that 10 million dollars - a sum too small? If David Sakvarelidze not mention specific names of people who offered to take it " on hold & quot ;, or those on whose behalf were these people, then it sends a clear message: " punished for trying to bribe nobody will all remain incognito. You can continue to come to the Prosecutor General and prosecutors to " UTrymannya & quot ;. Therefore Sakvarelidze should immediately call the names of those who tried to bribe him, and carry out all actions to bring them to justice. Otherwise, he should resign and not deceive Ukrainian citizens another simulated combat corruption & quot ;, - said Anatoly covenants. This was reported in the press sluZHBI Volyn regional organization VO " Freedom "