In Ternopil region police detained a man who killed his brother

Two brothers disagreed over dinner. The dispute resulted in a tragedy - younger than his brother stuck in the heart. All this happened in front of his mother. As the head of the Criminal Investigation Stephen Yatsuh, reports of criminal case in the village of Red Husyatynfirst assistant district received from Hrymaylivskoyi district hospital. Doctors who left the call, only acknowledged the death of 46-year-old. For the case took operatives district police department and regional management. It was found between family dispute ensued during dinner. The elder brother tried zlahodyty conflict. And it was even moreozlyutylo 44-year-old. He snapped off the table knife and struck his brother in the heart. Death was instantaneous. According to Stephen Yatsuha suspected, under Article 208 CCP detained. Criminal proceedings instituted under Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides imprisonment for a term of seven to fifteen years. SZEM MIAUkraine in Ternopil region