In Ternopil police tracked down would-be mother, who buried a newborn child in a foreign grave

Law enforcement officials determined woman who, having given birth to a dead baby, buried it on someone else's grave. As explained, is committed due to lack of funds for the burial of a child. Message body was found the baby came to the police station staff BorshivPolice from the villagers Hushtyn. The man said that the grave of his cousin Zakopane found the body of a newborn baby. At the scene immediately went investigative team. Law enforcers started search operations for the purpose of identification of mothers. In a short while the police tracked down the woman. She was a resident Borshchivth district, 1978 year of birth. The woman already has three children. It does not work, and the man goes on earnings. According to the head Borshiv police department Vladimir Horb'yaka, registered in the antenatal clinic she does not stand. A woman gave birth to a dead girl in his own dwelling house October 18, 2014. The next evening the mother buried CIOynu on one of the graves in the cemetery of the village Hushtyn. His work explains the lack of money for the funeral. That girl was born dead, confirmed forensic examination. However, the cause of perinatal death could not be determined due to prolonged exposure of the corpse in the ground. Law enforcement officials have opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 117 of the Criminal Code- Murder of his mother newborn baby during birth or shortly after birth. Sanction article provides a penalty of imprisonment for up to five years, or imprisonment for the same term. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region