Ternopil, act in program support persons who participated in the ATO and family members who died during the counter-terrorist operation support program will operate

persons participated in the ATO and family members killed during anti-terrorist operations, the Department of Health 'I and the Department of Social Welfare RSA. PRo is the Deputy Director of the Department - Head of healthcare delivery, organizational and legal support of the Department of Health Ternopil Regional State Administration Victor Ovcharuk during board meeting Ternopil RSA, held on 17 April. "Total funding resources provideds this program is 6 million 330 thousand. USD. Including for 2015 for the treatment and rehabilitation of soldiers will be allocated 2 million. The regional program "Care" for 2015 provided funds in the amount of 2 million. 700 thousand. UAH to provide a lump sum ATO members and their families who died in course of anti-terrorist operation "- wOvcharuk in Victor. He also noted that the provision of medical care and demobilized members ATO carried out in Ternopil regional, municipal health care institutions, central district hospitals and primary element of Family Medicine, located in the region. "The heads of these medical institutions chargedensure timely and full emergency outpatient and inpatient care, and provide reserve beds in multidisciplinary health care, the required number of drugs and medical devices "- Viktor Ovcharuk. He noted that in established centers for the provision of qualified medical staffCo-psychological help with a wide set of rehabilitation at the Ternopil regional municipal clinical psycho-neurological hospital psychiatric day hospital structure (30 beds) and at the Ternopil regional substance abuse clinic (35 beds). Also, medical and psychological assistance is provided at the state Zalischykypitalyu war veterans and rehabilitation care - Bilche-Zolotetskiy regional hospitals and physiotherapeutic physiotherapeutic Mykulynetskiy Regional Hospital-Rehabilitation. According to the press service DOSES Toda This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration