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Chernihiv Students practiced the technique hiking

16 - 17 April in Chernigov in the forest tract in the territory Yalivschyna urban centers of tourist-recreational and educational work with children and young people were urban person-team competition with hiking among students CEI Chernihiv and after-school educational institutions devotedand 70 - one anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. The aim of the competition was to increase tactical and technical skills of participants, determining the best teams and participants completing the city teams to participate in regional competitions hiking, spirituality and patriotism education of school youth, the promotion of tourism schoolas an important means of education, meaningful leisure and recreation. Competitions were held in two groups A and B. Group A Team / BIS 2004 - 2002 born in Group B Team / BIS 2001 - 1999 r.n .. Participants were invited to compete in two ranges: "personally - team obstacle course" - I class (group A) and "team obstacle course" connections "-I class (group B). In general, the event was attended by 22 teams, it's 48 athletes (group A) and 31 communication (group B). Winners of the competition were: Group A in the individual competition: Place - Vladislav Movchan (BIS 10); Second place - Anton howler (BIS 19); Third place - Nikita Onopriyenko (SZNZ 2); teams: Place - SZNZ 2; Second place- CEI 10; Third place - CEI 29. Group B of communication: Place - Alex Senakin Vitali Rezayev (BIS 28); Second place - Alain Bugay and Vitaly Boar (BIS 29); Third place - Vladimir Barbash and Alain Silk (BIS 14), teams: Place - CEI 29; Second place - high school 32; Third place - CEI 14. According to the Center LLC RDM