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In Ternopil parks will bike route

on development in Ternopil veloinfrastruktury said representatives cycling during the first VeloForumu, held on 19 April. The event took Mayor Sergei Nadal. &Laquo; The forum we presented the concept of veloinfrastruktury in 10 years, the map paths and coupleskovok city - says project coordinator « VeloTernpoil » Yuri Suhodolyak. &Ndash; The concept is planned that in the coming years in Ternopil should be laid about 100 km bicycle paths, and 50% of the population – have bicycles. The first phase is planned to implement this year – is laying bicycle paths in parks and squares,and the second will begin in 2016 and will be focused on laying velodorizhkok on the main road connections « Alaska » - &Laquo; friends » - &Laquo; Eastern » etc. & raquo ;. Mayor veloaktyvistiv supported the initiative and said that already this year, complete with cycle tracks ’ to appear in the new park & ??laquo; ZdorOJ ’ I & raquo ;, which arrange the array « & raquo ;, Friendship and subsequent development work veloinfrastruktury will be implemented in sequence. Also represented activists concept will be considered during the reconstruction of parks and maintenance. &Laquo; Cycling and developed veloinfrastruktura - a sign of advanced yevropeysone city. City, which combines tradition and modernity. Cities that respects the environment. Cities that cultivates a healthy life - says Sergey future. - Ternopil veloaktyvisty initiative in collaboration with organizations doing great work. I believe that in cooperation with the community and the city council will soon result & raquo ;. After discussionsMayor, council workers and activists made a test race bikes central streets of Ternopil. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council