In the Rivne region after training - the decision to start their own business for 30

young jobseekers in Kuznetsovsky city employment center held a training seminar "Sure communication - a precondition for successful employment" and "How to start your own business or formula for success for an entrepreneur?" A lot of customers, addressinging to the employment center for help in finding employment, not always realize that finding a job - a job well. Quite hard that requires a lot of knowledge and enhance their own efforts. Employment Center offers a variety of solutions to the problem of employment: Learn skills to conduct an interview with the employer, to summarize correctly, get othersformation of employers in need of specialists, vacancies, labor conditions and so on. One of the forms of assistance to actively seek work are conducting various trainings. Often such training activities involving coach LLC "Image Partner" Svetlana Shevchenko. Organizers of the event - Employment specialists were intended to help lyudyam to plan their future, to increase the competitiveness of young people in the labor market and find a job that will likes. The unemployed were able to analyze their stereotypes, to re-evaluate life circumstances, different approach to job search. They discussed the possibility of establishing by using employment owasnoyi case. Participants performed various practical tasks, exercises, role playing, discussing contemporary forms of job search. Trainings were wondering in a relaxed atmosphere, and no member has not gone unnoticed by the coach. But the most important result is to take an informed decision. In particular, one unemployed expressed a desire to receive single-timeAzov financial assistance to start their own business and to attend courses "novice entrepreneur" on the basis of the Center for Vocational Education of the State Employment Service. This was reported in Rivne city employment center