Chernihiv: The mechanism providing housing subsidies, trained to teach

professional explanation for innovations in the field of social protection, namely simplification of the provision of housing subsidies to Chernihiv City Centre of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth was invited by the head of the labor and socialprotection of the population Novozavodsky District Council in Chernihiv Irina Marchuk. She explained in detail workers CHMTSSSSDM new procedure of calculation and assignment of housing subsidies. Noted that almost abolished all restrictions on the property status of the recipient but to lump purchases worth more than 50 thousand. UAH. Simplified himself procedock design of housing subsidies, they can draw on the basis of only two documents - the application and disclosure statements. I. Marchuk stressed that housing subsidies for registration should not collect familiar with this set of documents, but proof of income for the previous year still necessary because without the right to fill the declaration specified certificatehundred impossible. Now regulates the presence of a family of non-family members (who are not trained and not registered as unemployed). However, calculating subsidies remained unchanged by the number of registered members of the family, therefore, the question arises as to issue subsidies when family members are registered, but not actually livein the living room. This issue is also resolved in the Regulations on the use and provision of subsidies for reimbursement for housing and utilities, natural gas and solid and liquid heating fuel. That is now the person who intends to issue a housing subsidy to pay for accommodation, wherethe number of registered more than actually residing shall provide with the application form grants any evidence of the absence of the registered persons at the place of registration (eg certificate of employment or residence, or a certificate confirming utilities elsewhere) . During the communication team at CHMTSSSSDMheld the answers to many questions that arise when reading the new rules of calculation and design of housing subsidies. "Now, our experts will be able to use this information in its future work with vulnerable populations, which form the bulk of our customers," - said the director of the Center Tatyana Kuznetsova-Molodchaya. According CHMTSSSSDM