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In Transcarpathia tourist died of a heart attack from Kyiv

63-year-old from Kiev who came to Transcarpathia relax in thermal pool in Coast, died in the locker room pool. Doctors determined that the cause of death was acute myocardial pensioner heart. The evening to the next part Berehiv police department received a report moDr. another doctor ambulance Beregovo District Hospital. Medic reported that they were made to leave teaching and sports facilities "Transcarpathia" located in Beregovo. Here thermal bath room locker room doctors pronounced him dead 63-year-old woman, a resident of Kyiv. At the scene left investigative DecemberPa. As law enforcement officers found the woman after swimming out of the pool and went to the locker room. After a while, she suddenly felt ill and she fainted. The nurse gave the woman first aid, after which she regained consciousness, but then lost consciousness. Doctors ambulance that arrived, stateddeath of a woman. According to the doctors, the cause of death was acute myocardial kievlyanki heart. Information Berehiv District Police