Derzhohorontsyam Volyn psychological training had

operational activity of the State Security Service personnel associated with constant stress and risk. So the question arises about the need for psychological support of the police. Derzhohorontsyam often have an urgent task to perform in the shortage OF INFORMATIONies and time. Thus the responsibility for the results - extremely high, and mistakes can be fatal. In addition, hard and stressful working regime of police officers is an additional stress factor in performance. Therefore psychologist psychodiagnosis center and professional psychological selection of health sector zabezpechennya Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region Irina Pugach held training sessions with the leadership of the State Security Service. So, among other things, discussed the topic of overcoming stress in professional activities. - Terms of Service recently - too complex, they require employees to police discipline, high moral qualities, tobroyi training and, of course, health of body and mind, to be able at any time and under any circumstances to fulfill orders of the commander - said Irina Pugach. - Therefore, an important aspect is to assist employees in dealing with stressful situations that arise in the course of duty and at home. This psychologist focused Categoriesand the need to pay particular attention to those police officers who took part in anti-terrorist operations, and young workers: - Our problem with you - to teach them properly act in unusual situations, to take appropriate decisions during suppression of offenses or conflicts. So we can protect them from possible illegal bysyahan, maintain their physical and psychological health. VDSO at MIA Ukraine Volyn region