Nicholas Romaniuk: "We are interested in deepening cooperation with German partners in education"

Delegation of the land Lippe (Germany) consisting landrata Hoyvinkelya Friedel, head of Youth, Family and Social Affairs Karl Eitel Jonas manager Department Lippe district partnerships Bernd Heinrich-Cortez assistant Natalie Hasse, head boardsof the Union "Bridges in Ukraine" Professor Karl-Hermann Kroa and his deputy Manfred Moeller, being in the city, met with representatives of educational institutions. Yes, gymnasium 4 named Modest Levitsky long-standing friendships with German universities edge Lippe. This collaboration began in 2003 with tehnolohichhis college town Herford. Director Alexander Myshkovets educational institution during a meeting with the delegation noted that over the years on probation in Germany visited both teachers and students. For a better knowledge of the culture of children living in German families. He told the guests about the achievements of high school students and teachers. Guests of the land held Lippea tour of the school building. In the classrooms children in German told the audience about the school. In addition, the smallest students prepared songs, recited poems in their native language to the members of the delegation and presented a symbolic icons. It should be noted that in high school number 4 operates a museum-room, where the traditions unh life. Here, in particular, are embroidered towels, painted eggs, woven shoes, clay pots and more. Landrat edge Lippe Friedel Hoyvinkel said that he first visited Ukraine and formed a good impression. He emphasized that teaching staff gymnasium 4 cooperates with his students. Youth education - is the path that will enableing to bring together Europe and Ukraine. In turn, chairman of the union "Bridges in Ukraine" Professor Karl-Hermann Kro noted that the number of high school 4 established good cooperation. He said that now is time between contacts with gymnasium 14 Lutsk and other educational institutions. He believes that through training and education is to deepen the integrationtion of Ukraine into the European Community. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that one of the key priorities in the Children and Youth. "We will work hard to make more of our pupils and students visited Germany and other countries exchanged experiences gained new knowledge. We also gladly will see children from Europe here. We are soso we will learn more about each other. The result of the visit should be a specification and expand relationships, "- he said. Guests and talked with the faculty and students of Lutsk National Technical University. Vice-rector Star Gerasymchuk told the guests about the history and achievements of the institution. She slovamy, in cooperation with the union "Bridges in Ukraine" was organized student internships in Germany. This gives a great boost for the young and adds new skills. She expressed hope for further cooperation in the training of students and teachers in Germany. This was reported in Lutsk City Council