Ternopil region, for fire rescue eliminated 3

17 February at 16:22 to the operational and dispatch service received a report of a fire in outbuildings Pochaiv Kremenetskogo area. The fire destroyed: LuAZ-969M car, bike, electric, 3 tons of straw, covering an area of ??35 sq. M., CeilingI'm on the area of ??25 sq. m., laminate composed of 40 sq. m. The likely cause of the fire – faulty furnace heating. Direct property damage from fire set. The fire was extinguished through coordinated and organized rescue actions 23rd State Fire and Rescue office and 5th State Fire and Rescue parts Upravlinnya. When extinguishing rescued house, all wealth estimated at $ 200 thousand. On the same day at 20:00 near the village Potutory Berezhansky area of ??dry grass on fire in an open area. Fire eliminated another guard 7th State of the Fire and Rescue Department. The fire destroyed dry MayAVU an area of ??approximately 400 square meters. The cause of the fire is under investigation. February 18 at 1:18 in Ternopil Bandera Street 12, there was a fire kiosk with bakery products. The fire was extinguished another special guard of fire equipment rescue special unit ingovernment. When extinguishing saved kiosk. The fire destroyed the electricity and siding kiosk in the square 2 sq.m. The likely cause of the fire – short-circuit power supply. Material losses due to fire established.