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55th anniversary of the last fight of UPA celebrated in Ternopil

55th anniversary of the last fight of Ukrainian Insurgent Army celebrated April 16 in Ternopil. In Berezhany museum hosted an International Conference "Ukrainian Insurgent Army: the formation of the national idea and struggle for the Ukrainian state." Then in Bozhykvskomu forest on the edge Podgaetskiy and Berezhansky area a few kilometers from the village near a Vine Cross priests celebrated requiem for the soul rebels. Honor the fallen heroes come clergy, regional and district authorities, local residents. Events that happened more than half a century ago, recreated StudentDrama and amateur theater "Spark Prometheus" VP NUBiP "Berezhany Agrotechnical College." Moving production could not not leave anyone indifferent. How to tell the locals to Berezhanschyni guerrilla group of three underground: Peter Beekeeping - Member Podolsky District OUN, an experienced commander and Councilhundred, his wife Mary Palchak who were involved in guerrilla activities ever since the founding of the UPA and the young 22-year-old fighter Oleg Tsetnarskoho. April 14, 1960 in Holy Thursday before Easter, the operational group Ternopil UKHB not find the rebel troops of its location. There came more than 45 cars and pivtysBalls soldiers. Three Ukrainian insurgents opposed an army that was surrounded by a dense ring of UPA. When the rebels came out of secret places, going towards the hamlet Vines, they were ambushed KGB. Those objectives were to grab live underground, but the rebels hard boronylysya. "KGB" started shooting, and then not to fall into the hands of the livingenemies Pasichny Peter and Oleg Tsetnarskyy shot themselves. Mary Palchak wounded in the hand ... The villagers remember the bloody events of Holy Thursday and cherish the memory of compatriots who gave their lives, but not broken. In Bozhykivskomu woods on the last battle UPA established symbolic cross. Here at Berezhanschyni where flowed Feltnska blood must educate a new generation of fighters for independence, convinced the deputy head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Leonid Bytsyura. In his view, local rebel fame you need to hold school camps. As is known, teaches word and example - prompts. This is an example of heroism and invincibility spirit rebels - inykrascha science for each Ukrainian. "These days, we honor the memory of fighters for independence of Ukraine, our countrymen, who for many years led the fight against the invader, - said Leonid Alekseevich. - They, their patriotism should be role models for us as the enemy, and how many years ago, again encroaching on our land. Unfortunately, the soldiersUPA never came free independent Ukraine. Therefore, our task - to continue their work and make something for which they sacrificed their lives to their sacrifice was not in vain. " Also commemorating the last fight of UPA was the anniversary special cancellation envelope dedicated to historical events. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration