In the Rivne region ended the tournament with a classic billiard veteran Rescue In exactly

ended the tournament with a classic billiard veteran Rescue Rivne. Sports event, organized at the initiative of the Regional Council of Veterans fire and rescue units and civil defense forces and support oblderzhadministratsiyi, dedicated to the Day of Fire, which according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine celebrated April 17. During the event, gray-haired firefighters were able to not only compete in skill accurately leveled billiard layers, but also to communicate and recall many pleasant moments from the time of service. The final stage of the game was a very tsikaEyelash and bitter struggle, but every tournament has always winners. So, first among veterans Rescue Valentine Mostenchuk won, second place went to Victor Cubana, and the bronze medal was Anatoly Polyushkevich. Congratulate Veterans Day with fire protection and the completion of the tournament attended leadership of the Main Directorate DSNS area. Atzery competition received diplomas and valuable gifts, and participants – city ??’ yatni diplomas. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region