Stepan Barna awarded the winners of the regional round of the All-Ukrainian rating "Conscientious taxpayers '

winners of the regional round of the All-Ukrainian rating" Conscientious taxpayers' awarded the head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna 17 April. The head of the region thanked businessmen for the important work that is contributing to theand economic power of our region and state. "We are two front lines - are fighting for territorial integrity and economic stability - said Stepan Barna. - It is entrepreneurs who develop transparent business and fill local budgets are direct participants in the struggle for victory. Thank you for the support of the army, thanks for the established districtobochi seats and economic development of our region. On the part of the authorities will ensure the promotion of your business and provide opportunities for the implementation of relevant initiatives. We open the door for every entrepreneur who needs help and willing to work with them individually. " Stepan Barna said that it was effective collaboratoratsya government officials, entrepreneurs, regulatory authorities, non-governmental organizations to help improve the economic situation in the area and the country as a whole. According to him, the RSA will create a supervisory body that will carry out measures to reduce pressure on businesses. Thus, the head of the Ternopil Regional Administration awarded certificates contest winnersin. In particular, an active business, personal contribution to the socio-economic development of the region and conscientious taxes diplomas awarded RSA: - Private-rental company "Ivanovo" (Director - Anton Bilyk); - Limited Liability Company "Mykulynetskyy Brovar" (Director - Stephen Troyan); - Private corporation "Ternopil milk" (Chairman - Vitaliy Kovalchuk). Reference: In the Tax Authority area is over 63 thousand. Taxpayers. Entities region between January and February 2015 provided the industrial production growth of 5.4%, agriculturalth - by 5.7%, exports of goods - by 14.5%. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration