In Lutsk Taras Yakovlev met with a delegation from the Republic of Poland Podlasie

in Lutsk city council meeting of Deputy Mayor T. Yakovleva representatives Podlasie Poland, who came to our city as part of the "Cross-border search engine Investor Poland-Ukraine" that finansuyetbe within the framework of cross-border cooperation "Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013". Opening the meeting, Taras V. welcomed the guests Lutsk. He thanked for the support of the Polish people in Ukrainian these difficult times. According to him, there was very good cooperation with Polish partners and implemented many projects. "Buduchy border town, we are a major emphasis on this issue. In recent times, a big step involved in investments through cross-border cooperation through the Polish partners. As we have implemented 50 projects relating to training and exchange of cultural relations, sports, business, education and more. In theThis year we are implementing seven projects worth two million euros. These amounts are not too large for our Polish partners Lublin, Zamosc, Rzeszow, Torun, and for us - a lot of money, "- he said. Deputy Mayor said that our city border and has a number of enterprises with foreign investments. In particular, one of the biggest is the "SKF EngAyna, Albacete. " He said that the company is part of an international corporation that is a world leader in the production of bearings. There are a number of other companies that produce plastic wrap, electrical equipment for German cars and more. "Total investments attracted to the city from the start of the investment is more than 200 millionEuro. This work is not sufficient and to activate it - we pereformatuvaly structural unit of the City Council and created a department that deal with investments. It's hard to do when a country at war. This deters foreign investors. Our goal is to share what Luck - safe for investment and is safe to work and earn money, "- said TAras Yakovlev. A Polish delegation thanked the Deputy Mayor for the meeting and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation between Lutsk, Volyn and Podlasie. This was reported in Lutsk City Council