In Uzhhorod joined the GSO staff reserves blood transfusion station

From early morning in front of the regional blood transfusion station turn. With identity card and full desire to make a useful thing, lined here and state guards. During the next exacerbation of hostilities in eastern Ukraine derzhohorontsi decided to donate bloodfor the medical needs of the Army and injured civilians. You can say that every drop of blood - its weight in gold. Especially in difficult to state when not actually know what can happen tomorrow. What day of blood taken by various medical facilities, and since the war, the need for blood increased significantly. - Yes, the world is not without good people, says Maria FAntic, Head of the Department of Transcarpathian regional donor blood transfusion station. - Within the "drop of blood" we get employees to donate blood enterprises, factories and institutions. We are grateful to police because they also contributed to this noble cause - adds Maria Fantych. - We invite all responsible citizens who allows arten care to come and donate blood. - 1, 2, 3, 4. Rh plus, minus, - no difference in short supply it all adds Maria. Sergei ?icula, Section Head of Civil UDSO the Ministry of Interior in the Transcarpathian region - plus a third, though not a rare blood type - and always in demand. He is one of those who want to donate, shared with reporters hisand feelings: - Manipulation professional medical conduct. Honestly, nothing ... I feel no pain, no burning. Overcrowd just feeling the rise because of high contributed to the rescue of someone's lives. Employees of the State Security Service staff came to donate blood for the first time, unfortunately not all could be a donor for various inrank. So if you also decided to donate, remember the following rules: Donate blood can one who: - Not sick with hepatitis B - Aged 18 to 60 years. - Weight of 50 kg. In preparation for giving blood, you must follow some rules: The night before, you need to have dinner, but can not eat fat, dairy foods and beverages that Erow of alcohol. On the day of donation preferably be relaxed, easy breakfast and no plan for the day is a matter of intense physical activity, alcohol intake. It is not advisable at this day to drive that requires concentration. 2 hours before and 2 hours after giving blood and smoke is dangerous for you and for retsypiyenta. UDSO the Ministry of Interior in the Transcarpathian region