Police warned: real bank employees do not call customers to find out their personal information!

Through continuous explanatory work Zhytomyr guards managed to slightly reduce the amount of fraud. But sometimes polesian still believe liars and let ourselves be deceived. Then the police once again turn to the citizenswith reservations. Last two days Zhytomyr through its own negligence lost bank accounts of large sums of money. By Zhytomyr CF MIA turned 45-year-old entrepreneur with a statement that on his account was removed over 13 thousand. The man said that a few days ago to call it is unknown who called himselfand bank employee, saying that there was a need to clarify his personal data, learned all confidential information. Only in the evening, checking the funds on your own bank account, the applicant realized that was a victim of fraud. The attacker managed to steal more than 13 thousand. A similar story on the same day said law enforcementand 29-year-old resident of our city. Through its own negligence and credulity of the people lost bank account over 12 thousand. At present the facts on both launched criminal proceedings. Continuing steps to install malicious persons. However, police are turning to the citizens of caution: be careful when you take away minesnennya any financial transactions of buying and selling goods online using Internet payments and more. To avoid an unpleasant situation and not lose money from bank accounts should follow a set of rules: - Anyone, under any circumstances, do not provide personal information (credit card number, account, CVV-cod, PIN, etc.), especially by telephone. Keep your secret access to credit of the reach of strangers place; - Carefully read the SMS messages that come to your mobile phone. Do not reveal the codes received confirmation for certain transactions; - In any case do not include in advertisements, talkschenyh the Internet, the numbers which are "tied" to your credit card; - Use a firewall program computers during remittances to the Internet; - If you convince the risk of losing money or inform any other banking operations and required to provide some data, ne hurry! Know that bank employees did not call on this issue, the more the hidden or unknown numbers. In this case, contact the hotline financial institutions (for each card numbers listed) and tell the attempted fraud; - Try not to pay in advance for goods ordered, use the service afterfee, which is currently provided by most private delivery services and post offices; - In matters of financial good common sense, and if necessary - consult with experts. Remember, in these situations, your financial security depends on you! Natalia Timchuk, SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/