In the Zhytomyr region on day 3 times eliminated firefighters fire auxiliary buildings

For the past day DSNS units in Zhytomyr region made 5 trips to extinguish fires, 3 of which occurred in commercial buildings. Resonant incident occurred in Korostyshiv area. So, at 4:28 on the item called ’ communications 20th state nhose Ladder Rescue downtown Korostyshiv fire was reported in Distributed stone ’ yaniy building of 100 × 10 m, located in the village Starosiltsi. Arriving on the scene, rescue workers found that the fire completely engulfed the roof. Through coordinated efforts of fire fighters DSNS could localize at 4:52, and finallyeliminate - 6:48. However, the fire had destroyed 600 sq m roof. As later on ’ it turned out, the building in which the fire occurred in the past was used as stable. Currently, the construction of Distributed and nobody exploited. According to preliminary version, the fire was due to entry of foreign sources of ignition. Currently, experts vstanovlyuyetsya ultimate cause of the fire and the amount of loss and salvaged items. Dry and windy weather that is installed with the arrival of spring, negatively affect the situation with fires in the area. Basically, occupied leading non nationals fire safety regulations on private land, while using openfire, burning garbage, dead in an open area, and consequently – overturning of trees on fire ’ Yani commercial buildings, houses, stocks of dry food management DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region warns people more attentive to the use of open flame and always have a primary means pozhezhohasinnya. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region