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Transcarpathia: the Irshavschyni driver "six" knocked a cyclist

about 23 pm to the next part Irshavsk police department received a report from the district hospital that to them for medical help after an accident turned 56-year-old resident s.Lukovo. The audit police found out that the village toppers 36 years ofistsevyy resident driving a car VAZ-2106, admitted hitting the cyclist was moving in a fair way. As a result of the accident a man was in the hospital. In fact the accident started criminal proceedings on st.286 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Violation of traffic safety or operation of tranceport). Sanction article provides for a fine of up to one hundred times the income, correctional labor for up to two years, arrest for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to three years. The vehicle is placed on shtrafploschadku VDAI Irshavsk police department. Ongoing investigation. Information Irshavsk District Police