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Prosecutors challenged in court Vinnichiny illegal privatization of defense-storage facilities

Vinnytsia region prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit claim for recognition of illegal actions Regional Department of State Property Fund of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region. It is established that the agency during the privatization of state property to the charter capital of apublic companies in the city. Vinnitsa transferred protective structures, storage area of ??over 220 square meters. designed to shelter 300 people. However, such actions are contrary to applicable laws, after all, are not subject to privatization of state property, the state needed to perform their functions. In addition, prosecutors challenged the legalityacquiring title to the specified defenses. Reference: Storage - tight construction to protect people, which creates conditions which exclude the impact of hazards arising from the emergency, military (combat) operations and terrorist acts (Art. 32 of the Code of Civil Defense of Ukraine). This was reported in the press servicesand prosecution of Vinnytsia region