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17-19 April - Chernihiv hotels and museums for half price!

17-19 April in Chernigov in the opening act of the tourist season already traditional event - the cost of hotel accommodation is reduced by half. Just half price cost entry to all museums. This was reported in the management of strategic urban development and tourism city council. "You townsand joined the when the bottom opening of the tourist season can settle for half price. Use action can only with advance reservation numbers "- told in management. Today, the shares joined the hotel "Pridesnyansky", "Bryansk", "Ukraine" hotel company "training center" Federation of trade unions,"Sunrise" and "Rancho Club". Half-prices will cost 17-19 April and entrance fees to all museums in our city. "We hope that it will attract attention not only visitors, but also of Chernihiv, which may at the weekend as a family with children to visit museums and spend their leisure time" - convinced the organizers. Public Relations Departmentth City Council