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In the Lviv region deputy head svobodivets requires the district police to check the legality cutting down trees in forestry Busk district Busk

Chairman of PA " Freedom " Bogdan Grynyshyn addressed to the head of the local police department Vasily Shevtsov demand to check the legality of cutting down trees in the Busk lishospu. Serves Text: &Quot; As you know, March 26, 2015 Busk district council on my initiative was created a temporary control commission to check the status of deforestation in the region and the rule of law in the field of wood processing entities of all types of property for the period 2011-2015. The impetus for creationCommission were numerous complaints on mass deforestation, burning wood and so on. Until I received information from the public about the burning of cleared trees in the forest Sokolyansky to obtain charcoal. There was a field visit to verify the veracity of information and photographing the object. In particular, Mr.Forestry and territory Sokolyansky found six barrels for burning of cleared trees and a large amount of timber harvested. According to a survey ask you to verify the facts and take appropriate action. In particular, please check the facts set out and tell me: - Is legitimate to felling and harvesting of forest material; -or is a legitimate business activities at that facility on whose balance is equipment; - Are the requirements of environmental protection legislation & quot ;. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "