Lutsk discussed the City Development Strategy

for normal development of any city should have a clear strategy. Lutsk process of development of the instrument in which they want to identify priorities that will form the basis for the development of the city. to this end, the conference "Strategy m. Lutsk. Externallyshnye environment ", which was attended by Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev, City Council Anatoly Parkhomyuk and others. Opening the event, Anatoly Parkhomyuk noted that work on developing strategies for nearly 2.5 years. He confesses that through such measures, active work on the development strategy of Lutsk and manage consoliduvaty effective efforts of NGOs in this process. According to him, this is a very important document that gives a holistic understanding of the direction of the city. Chairman of the Public Organisation "Association of Regional Development" Peter Hotsalyuk told the audience that has already been made for the development strategy of Lutsk. According to him, in 2006 was calcobleno economic development strategy. At the time it was decided to focus on the economic component, including improvement of the investment climate and business environment. It was developed in 2010 and Strategy of Luck agglomeration level. This year approved strategy "Volyn 2020". According to him, Peter Hotsalyuka, although the document develoption at the regional level, however, there are items relating Lutsk. In his opinion, the development strategy of Lutsk will need to take into account these developments. Peter Hotsalyuk said that over the Strategy of Lutsk started work in 2013. During this time focus on the direction of historical tourism and IT, a contest goingand. Now it is necessary to speed up work on developing a holistic document. Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev said that in Lutsk pay attention to the development of the tourism industry and the IT sector. He said the priorities in this work. Unfortunately, he said, the process of Development Strategy of Lutsk stopped. He said that Mr.yni taken a number of measures to intensify the work on this document. Deputy Mayor said that the city government is open and ready to cooperate with all wishing on Development Strategy of Lutsk. Conference participants had the opportunity to talk through Skype call with expert Ihor Parasyuk and program manager of institutionalUtu Andrew Pundorom city. My point in development strategies and Alex Gubanov expressed. They spoke about the vision of the metropolitan area Lutsk-Rivne and Lutsk and Lviv relations and prospects of cooperation. This was reported in Lutsk City Council