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In Ternopil to carry out operations with scrap metal, need a license

during testing of operational information Kremenetsky police stopped beads filled with metal. It was found that the metal was purchased from Kremenets illegally and are involved in illegal Ternopil inhabitants. Residents of the regional center Kremenets went and offered local towneshkantsyam sell unwanted metal. Per kilo of scrap promised two and a half hryvnia. People in their offer molested. Thus "businessmen" received scrap, and sales - easy money. Everything seems to be to be honest. Here are just of Ternopil conducted operations with scrap metal, without an appropriate license. - Transactions of scrap forolorovyh and steel without state registration or without a special permit subject to the legal qualification of Article 213 of the Penal Code and punishable by law - explains the head Kremenetskogo police department Vladimir Halevych. The police have established three people who sold ternopolyan scrap, but the amount of metal that is transportedsuspects, shows that there were many more. The investigation in this case continues. Penalties for illegal operations with metal - a fine of one hundred to five hundred times the income or community service from one hundred to two hundred hours. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine In Ternopil region