Transcarpathian police

reduces corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region used organizational and practical measures to improve the fight against corruption. Last year, workers OCD AMIA region exposed organized crime group with ties to corrupt consisting of 8 people. In addition, over the investigation of criminalproceedings on 77 th criminal offenses with signs of corruption, of which 2 committed by members of organized crime groups, 75 were sent to the Court of accusatory acts. Among the completed proceedings 23 criminal offenses from the category of grave and especially grave. The criminal corruption offenses vchynyalys in 32 cases in the public sectorand 10 - in education, 7 - Health and others. 33 Facts Exposed misappropriation, embezzlement or taking them through abuse of office, 26 - bribery, 7 - trading in influence and 2 commercial bribery cases officers. The total area of ??policemen for criminal corruption offenses uncovered 49 people, of whom 37sentenced. The amount of material damage on finished investigating criminal proceedings is 1 million. 818 thousand. UAH., Are reimbursed 296 thousand. Another priority of HUBOZ is to identify administrative corruption. Over 2014 employees OCD drawn up and sent to court26 administrative protocols in this area. Overall area police sent to the court 43 minutes of corruption. Court decision on 42 th protocols, of which 31 - fined. 31 held accountable officer, for which the penalty is applied. The total amount of fines imposed was over 10 thousand manesHeugnes. Currently the area is The police work aimed at improving anti-corruption legislation. On this occasion constantly held joint meetings and meetings of law enforcement agencies edge. Corruption - a social phenomenon, and countering it should be comprehensive. not all citizens willing to turn the police from behindyavamy, afraid to flaunt facts extort money because they do not want too much "noise". Moreover, the case that ordinary citizens themselves induce public officials to obtain undue advantage, wanting to get some speed up approvals or trying to pay off fines, taxes, inspections of control bodies, etc. Therefore, our consciousness Decemberomadyan needs change. After fighting corruption should be together, which must first be made to reduce its volume, limiting the impact of corruption on social processes, increasing the risk for corruption, addressing the social preconditions of corruption and so on. Information OCD AMIA Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region