An environmental action in the Central Park of Culture and Rest Ukrainian Lesia

the last two years in the city, according to the order of Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, occur citywide health days cleaning parks, gardens, nature strips rivers. the initiative of the Department of Environment of the City Council heldenvironmental action in the Central Park of Culture and Rest Lesya Ukrainian. Teams more than ten enterprises, institutions, foundations and organizations of different ownership purified park from self-seeding, dry trees and solid waste. The students collected garbage in bags loaded on machines that are taken to a landfill in Brysche. Among those whopurified park were groups of public utility "Parks and gardens Lutsk." HCS 3, LKAP "Lutskspetskomuntrans" PAT "Volynavto" plant "Motor" Lutsk Pedagogical College businessman Oleg Boyko. Advisor to Mayor Boris environmental issues Soroka said that weather conditions allow work on landscaping. The park transverseredno conducted preparatory work, with lowered water pumping station of reclamation canals to clean park areas that suffer from flooding. Boris Forty sure that care about the purity environment required regardless of the season. This was reported in Lutsk City Council