Zhytomyr newspaper articles helped expose another scam scam

read in the press warning of scams transactions, Zhytomyr pensioner decided to tell police about the trouble that happened to him a few months ago. As it turned out, the police have detained intruders and grandfather story was another episode in kryminaflax proceedings. Unfortunately, long known, but no less effective fraud scheme still "works" in the hands of liars. They call for random numbers to alert people about the arrest of a son or daughter of the police for allegedly committing a serious offense, and offer "all settle" for a fee. To prevent such occurrencesLaw enforcement officers implement a number of measures, including preventive direction. The police conduct interviews with residents of the area, placed in public places leaflets and posters. Significant role to play media, warning scenes on television and radio programs, publications and the Internet allow you warn people about DangersECU and reduce the number of unfortunate situations. - The fact that the police are searching for a man who cheated crooks last summer, I said neighbor - says 76-year-old Sergey zhytomyryanyn. - He knew then that happened to me a similar story, so even cut out from the newspaper and this post brought me. Convinced that we must turn topolice. Retired called the listed number and within half an investigator told about his trouble. - It was in June. Then in the evening, when the phone rang, the phone has a wife, and immediately burst into tears, - Sergey recalls. - I asked said that the alleged police she was told that our son was in an accident and EPAysnyv hit a person. When the phone rang again, he was approached by the head of the family. The stranger offered to parents "to resolve the situation" and said that it needs ... 10 thousand dollars. Hearing in response, they retired and naturally such amount had asked how many can give. - We had 10 thousand savings, so I zdohadavsya say that I only half, ie 5000 - says pensioner. - Stranger appointed meeting in the city. However, Sergey tried yet dial phone son, but he did not answer. A few minutes old men said that dad went fishing and forgot mobile home, so there is no communication with him. - If Mr.this is a coincidence, I would not let us deceive! - Notes zhytomyryanyn. - And - even more agitated and I went to the meeting. At the bus stop to the pensioner approached a stranger in civil, named psevdomilitsionera friend, took the money and told him to go into a room at the city police station. - There I came and said next that I challengewere in conversation. He is somewhat surprised, but said where to find office - says the man. - But it was locked, there was a late time. At the exit of Gorotdel Sergey said next that there was not found. He also warned grandfather that he was cautious, because, they say, is very widespread fraud. - I did not admit ...him that he had just realized, which was a nuisance - continues to retiree. - He came home, and there is the son returned. So we joy that story about the accident - not true, decided to forget the incident. And but for the neighbor, the police, I would not have gone. In the regional Department of Internal Affairs investigators took Sergei Nikolaevich statement of committed relatSTART him offense. According to preliminary data, recently arrested criminals involved in and to the said case. So the criminal proceedings replenish another episode of criminal activity. However, the police are reminding citizens that such cases should remain calm. Keep in mind that settle any trouble by Dr.opomohoyu money - a crime. If you report the detention loved one, check all information including station, which is your relative. Then try to talk to your son or daughter and specify whether they are right. If this is not possible - immediately call to "102" - maybe you trying Oshubutchers! Natalia Timchuk, SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/