In Ternopil what to do when it detects explosive devices

To distinguish explosives among all others to remember their characteristic features: - Items are unfamiliar or unusual for this situation or territory; - Availability of sounds that are heard on the subject (the ticking clock signals after a certain period of time), flashingindicator lights; - Availability of food sources on the mechanism or next to it (batteries, batteries, etc.); - Availability of stretching wires or wires extending from the mechanism of a long distance; - The subject can be hung on a tree or left on the bench. It is strictly prohibited: - Touch the object and move it; - Korystuvatysya radio communication, mobile phones (they can trigger an explosion); - Fill its fluids, fill with soil or covering it with something; - Touch suspicious device and take it to sound, light, heat or mechanical impact, because almost all explosives and poisonous sensitive to mechanical, sound effectsand heating. In identifying explosives or call 101 102. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration