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Leonid Bytsyura "warning system should work in each locality region"

Amendments to the draft program of population and territory of Ternopil region of man-made emergencies and natural disasters in the years 2014-2017 discussed during the workshop by April 15 held a vice-chairman TernopilsState Administration Leonid Bytsyura vein. In connection with the operation of the field in high alert mode to the draft program must add tasks and activities that will provide stable operation Ternopil territorial subsystems unified state civil defense system. "First of all it is necessary to ensure functioning properlyof warning systems in the region - said Deputy Head of DSNS in Spider Games. - Also for the operational management units DSNS need to allocate additional supply of fuel and lubricants. Additional equipment necessary to provide operational and rescue service of civil protection area. In order informuvanof the population with the threat or emergency situations, as well as emergency response must create a consulting office for assistance to the population and area of ??crisis media center field of civil protection. " In addition, the draft proposal requires a change in direction concerning work Gossanepidsluzhby. In particular, it isto purchase equipment to complete radiation monitoring of the environment. As Leonid Bytsyura All proposals must be justified and submitted for consultation. The final version of the project will consider at the meeting, the Regional Council. "The first priority is equipment warning system in particular, Signal distribution to each locality. We must work with the leadership in the field of co-financing this direction - said Leonid Bytsyura. - Also, as far as possible is necessary to ensure effective operations management departments DSNS management and civil protection areas, including finance Towerslnyh training camps for rescue teams. Pay special attention should be public awareness for action in case of emergencies. In particular, it comes to preparing materials for educational and methodological center of civil protection and life safety. These and other important issues need to be added to the project this progframe ". This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration