In Ternopil, the first regional scientific-practical conference "live on Ukrainian Charter a free man!"

In order to form a holistic vision system based on the values ??of an open society to form individual citizen Ukraine on April 15 Ukrainian gymnasium. Franko was the first regional scientific Conferentsiya "live on Ukrainian Charter a free man!". Participation in it took the deputy head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Leonid Bytsyura, representatives of departments of education of the city, directors and deputy principals in educational work, facilitators, teachers, city and region, priests, social activists, and academics. Conference started,tion of common prayer. Next welcomed the organizers turned special guests. According to Leonid Bytsyura, today's event - one of the stages of the program at the city and region. "I thank the teachers who participated in the implementation of ideas" Ukrainian Charter a free man "in the learning process - he said. -So We'repromote awareness of the importance of students concepts such as freedom of identity and self-realization, respect for their land, featuring European Christian culture of life. These principles are basic to effective, creative development of their own future and the future of the entire country. " One of the main objectives of the educational process is an educatoring responsible citizens who are not afraid to take responsibility personal fate and the fate of the country into their own hands, added co-author of "Ukrainian Charter a free man", rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University Miroslav Marynovych. "The Charter was written before the Maidan, in the revolutionary events I realized that I can be proud of its contents - withauvazhyv it. - The values ??enshrined in the Charter and the relevant because they promote the most important virtues for the younger generation. First of all, responsibility, moral and spiritual values, persistence, independent thinking, patriotism and love for his people and for the motherland. Such education will lead to the formation of community responsibility thunderAdian that vidrodzhuvatymut our country. We should not be afraid of changes in any sphere of activity - from their own projects and ending change the format of governance. " Further work continued in sections. In particular, discussed systematization vyhovnychyh basis to form individual citizens during the Renaissance modern Ukrainian nationthrough the prism of Ukrainian Charter a free man, and exchanged experiences on the promotion and use of Ukrainian Charter a free man for the formation of Ukrainian - citizen and build successful communities of villages, towns and cities. As part of this, a presentation of the draft Master -peremozhtsiv Contest of Community Development and Ehundred -2015. Therefore, the best were the students of philology Juliana Maydanyuk and Stephen Pryydun with the project "Stronger than guns", which provides for the establishment of the School of active citizens. Also won the Faculty of History students Ruslan and Elena Beat pony who presented the project "I am Ukrainian. These and all my biography. " Will notifyDo Ternopil Regional State Administration