Accident in Volyn, injured seven people in

accidents occurred Stone-Kashyrskiy, Lutsk, Rozhyshche and Shatsky areas. April 12 about 21 o'clock in another part of the received message from an unknown person that the village Soshychne Stone Kashyrsky area occurred accident. Employees police, who arrived on the scene, SetWilly: about 19 o'clock 19-year-old local man, driving a motorcycle "Izh-Planeta" lost control, drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a car "Opel Vectra," running the 50-year-old Kovel. Due to an accident 15-year-old passenger of a motorcycle, a resident of the village Soshychne, injured, hospitalized in thisntralnu district hospital. On the same day at 22:30 54-year-old resident of Luck, driving a car "Nissan Almera" Luck of the motor-Demidovka lost control, went into the right ditch and collided with a roadside tree. As a result of accident, the driver and two passengers were injured, hospitalized in Lutsk city cliniciansnude. April 13 about 3 am in Rozhysche 29-year-old local man, driving a car "Mazda-626", hit a 22-year-old selaTopilne who suddenly ran into the roadway road from pryparkovanohoavtomobilya and collided with a car, moving carriageway road. Due to an accident injured a pedestrian,Rozhyshche hospitalized in the central district hospital. In addition, around 14:00 near the village of the Vienna area Shatsky accident occurred. Employees police, who arrived on the scene, found 20-year-old driver, a resident of the village Pidmanove Shatsky area, driving a car "Volkswagen Passat" and leaving the right side of the road, not ongiven preference in motion and collided with a car "Audi A6" running 30-year-old resident Lyuboml that moved the main road in a fair way. As a result of the accident, both cars suffered mechanical damage. The driver of the car "Audi A6" and 10-year-old passenger were injured varying degrees of severity. The driver "FolksvahenPassat" and Yogiof 20-year-old passenger, a resident of the village Svitiaz Shatsky District received trauma. All the victims were hospitalized in Shatsk central district hospital. The facts of the accident is under investigation. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region