In Ternopil during fire fighting firefighters rescued Property 3 million

April 14 at 14:19 at the point called ’ communication 8th State Fire and Rescue Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Ternopil Oblast received information about the fire, occurred in Borschiv outside Krivonosa 2. As instanovleno, there was a fire April 14 about 14 o'clock in the territory of the composition, which remained agricultural equipment and spare parts for agricultural machinery. At the time of arrival of rescuers burning area was about 150 square meters, flame ’ I quickly spread, there was a threat of spread to neighboring premises wherehoused garage boxes and storage of building materials. So firefighters without wasting a single moment began to fire suppression. Given the scale of the emergency situation, it was decided to attract additional capabilities. In BC ’ connection with this, except the guard next to the fire suppression involved two reserve guards, pformed with the units collected on alert. Also worked on site mobile operational group Borshiv District Department DSNS area. There were involved 25 personnel and 3 units of special equipment. Fire suppression complicated high temperature and strong smoke, so it was decided Richeent involvement of extinguishing 2 units gazodymozaschitny service. Coordinated actions and professional skill at 15:05 firefighters stopped the spread of flame ’ i, and at 17:00 they were able to fully tame the fire element. When fighting a fire employees DSNS saved 2 bus garage boxes and warehouses with a total area of ??300 square meters, with fuel tanks, total ’ yemom 3 tons, total estimated wealth of $ 3 million. The fire destroyed part covering an area of ??150 square meters, 2 windows, doors, spare parts for agricultural machinery and damaged 2 is a metal door and wall. The dead and injured at the scene were found. Atmagnitude of fire is under investigation.