In the area of ??ATO went once combined detachment Derzhavtoinspektoriv Zhytomyr

Fifteen police employee Zhytomyr Oblast seventh time served to perform mission-east of the state. The guards on duty roads change their colleagues who serve a month in the Donetsk region. Police officers escort a difficult trip came in their homeFriends and colleagues. All gathered in the courtyard of the regional traffic police to wish the guys endurance, courage and luck. On behalf of law enforcement officers with the guidelines applied Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs Yuriy Zhytomyr Swan, who noted that the State field workers from the early days of the antiterrorist operation performed adequately raiseAnnie before them. - Those who went to the East - the real patriots who cheer for the unity and integrity of the state - said Yuri Swan. - Risk, responsibility and courage - these are the ingredients that season defenders of their land. He wished the guards of honor to fulfill his duty and moral obligation and will certainly return home Mrs.Wash and healthy. Talking about service officers in the eastern region of the state, acting Head of SAI Zhytomyr Dergachov Alexander said that they, along with military checkpoints on patrol, provide support Control cabinets, columns settlers, check suspicious vehicles, and more. So before the journey from supervisorivnytstva target instruction and sincere wishes of good luck. A moment before leaving each business travelers went to the local chapel to worship the holy image and get a blessing from the spiritual mentor of Father Nicholas. Wishing you God's grace and Guardian angel on all roads farewell to family and go. This was reported in the pressService UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region

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