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Chernihiv Region: overnight firefighters eliminated 47 fires, which was the main cause of uncontrolled burning of dry vegetation citizens

During the last day in Chernihiv emerged 47 fires in which 1 person was killed. The reason for their appearance in 41 case was the carelessness of citizens in dealing with fire, especially Mr.Eid burning debris and dry vegetation. The fire partially destroyed and damaged 15 industrial buildings, 26 outbuildings, covered almost 184 ha. April 11 in the village. Moles Good Friday District uncontrolled fire on vegetation dry gusts of wind swept 5 and 6 non-residential buildings household structures. In similar circumstances in the village.Good Friday Yablunivka area on fire four non-residential sector. The fire destroyed two household buildings, two partially damaged. It should be noted that during holidays and weekends DSNS Ukraine rescuers working in emergency mode created mobile groups that are willing to perform tasks. However, thunderdyanam need to reflect on the need to burn garbage and dry vegetation, as it may lead to unpredictable consequences. Rescuers seek the population to adhere to fire safety measures are not kindle fire in the forest park areas and be careful when handling fire. Management DSNS in Chernihiv atblasts