In the Zhytomyr police prevented the theft of property

railway workers April 9 LV station Zhytomyr caught two people who tried to make the structure of the upper parts of the territory of the railroad tracks. The first theft was committed about five o'clock. During the working area of ??the railway police officers stopped 30-year-old inhabitant Sheepovskaya area, which also revealed details of IBD. As it turned out, the man previously prepared a "prey" hiding nearby. For about eight pm to LV station Zhytomyr was reported another similar crime. Near the driveway police officers stopped 33-year-old citizen. During the review in zhytomyryanyna found horseshoesLadko by rail in the amount of 3 pieces, 7 embedded bolts, terminal bolts assembly - 6 pieces and terminal. Both men are unemployed, the crime recognized. Explain that it is difficult to find a job, and so would earn by passing details into recycling scrap metal. Guardians line department conducted investigations. In fact these offensesopened criminal proceedings under Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). Men faces up to three years in prison. The amount of damages is established. Trying to gain at the expense lines, offenders forget that railway transports people and goods, sometimes - dangerous. So any unauthorized vtrusupply of railway equipment operation may lead to unintended consequences - injury or death, accident or accident. And the consequences of such frivolous actions can be unpredictable, so the sentence will only increase. SZEM Police Department Ukraine on the South Western Railway