Volynianka children forced to beg Over

thus "earning" money woman faces up to three years in prison. During the raid of preventive sector of Criminal Police Juvenile Kovel Gorotdel interior was revealed the woman who used to occupy children begging. Ladies already neodnorAzov fell to the attention of law enforcement. Within a month, it brought to the police station three times with children. However, preventive talks with would-be mother did not give any effect. This time the 30-year-old resident of the district Turiysky workplace elected nearby cafe. Asked alms with her son in her arms, and near begging her 8-year-old daughter. In theidomosti included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations ch. 1, Art. 150-1 (Use of a minor child for begging) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. A woman faces up to three years in prison. Elina Baginskiy, Kovel MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region

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