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Sentenced for corruption head of Volyn PSC

As chairman of the election commission, a woman forged documents and then illegally received a one-time cash award in the amount of 655 USD. Volynianka illegally constituted meeting minutes of bonus PEC members. As a result, made knowingly false information about what tomeeting collectively decided to head its bonuses and Deputy Secretary actually not true. Papers are signed herself and forged the signature of the Secretary of the Commission. Lokachi District Court approved the agreement on the recognition of guilt between the prosecutor and the suspect. Behold, ch. 2, Art. 191 (misappropriation, embezzlementand or taking them through abuse of office) and ch. 1, Art. 366 (Forgery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the court appointed a woman sentence - two years of restriction of freedom of the probation period of one year from disqualification to hold positions related to the preparation and conduct of elections for a period of two years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Wolinviv region