Guardians exposed credit union that vyduryla in Ternopil inhabitants over

million scams that were covered by credit unions, workers exposed to Ternopil Service to combat economic crime. During the year the time they were able to vyduryty area residents over million. After joining Credit Union Ltd. "Leksvord" devicChal in the Ternopil region in early 2014. Announcement of unsecured loans on favorable terms and are placed in local newspapers and on the Internet. It was at that time began calling the police and the first victims. According to the head of the regional police department Alexander mantis, they came to the people who urgently need toUli money. Lenders assured that they will. Separately crooks interested about the possibility of collateral. If man had nothing, they said that there must be some kind of guarantee - kind contribution. The amount of this contribution ranged from 10 to 50 thousand. Once a person paid this amount, workers unions have found some deficiencies in the dockumentah that delayed the issuance of preferred money. So they convince their customers to pay more and premiums, pay in advance for banking services, who provided the funds. We had people pay for legal support. Grounds for additional payments to the scam was more than a decade, and the amounts varied for all services within ten tysyach USD. More than fifteen thousand, which is UAH 7,500 mortgage and almost eight thousand for life insurance, lost Ternopil resident Larisa Bogdanova. The woman turned to the credit union to get money for treatment of small grandchildren. The existence of the organization she learned from a newspaper advertisement - "New Year's loan to seven hundred thousandUAH. " - My grandson is sick. Money for the treatment of our family had. In operation gathered all - help friends, residents of the region, volunteers. We operated on her, but needed the money and for rehabilitation. Banks large amounts were not given. So I turned to the credit union. To pay all payments required credit union, the woman took off with moneycredit cards. Agreement recalls Ms. Larissa was published in small print on many pages. Pass a her office with representatives of the company are not allowed. - I was waiting for money than one day. The bank did not work, the problem arose with documents. I began to suspect that I was deceived. I went to them, but the girls were assured that the money is already -zavtra and I have them hereRome. Wait Larisa Bogdanova did not, and immediately went to the police officers, a statement fraud. As it turned out, statements by such as she has over forty. The credit company "Leksvord" registered in Kiev, but they were firm and clones under different names such as: LLC "Record Finn" PE "Medvar" PE "Layyenindustri" PE "Rokkos" PE "Depositoryt groups ". - In Ternopil employed three associates and one woman in Ivano-Frankivsk. We currently detained three crooks. They are in ITT. Another suspect is still at home because pregnant. All of them are charged under Article 190 part 3 of the Criminal Code - fraud - said Alexander mantis. Law enforcement officials believe that the type declaration: "Kredyt no deposit "," Credit for 20 minutes "," Loans on favorable terms without income and collateral "and others - is ninety percent fraud. To avoid falling into the trap of the police advised to check the data about a particular credit union Online in the Single Register of financial institutions. This information is open and it can be found through the Internet. SZEMMIA Ukraine in Ternopil region