The results of the police employee Rivne region in the direction of traffic management and surveillance of roads for three months in 2015 for three months

2015 traffic police region for the inspections, maintenance of the road network compiled 62 reports on administrative violations on officials of road communescial and rail organizations directly responsible for the condition of roads, streets and railroad crossings (75.6% of the total administrative reports drawn up by st.139, 140, 188-28 CAO). In particular, for failure regulations and requirements of SAI (st.188-28 CAO) compiled 29 protocols. 12 Prepared reports on violations etc.avyl, norms and standards relating to road safety in the maintenance of roads, crossings and other road facilities for ch. 1, Art. 140 Administrative Code, which provides fine on officials from sixty to eighty months wages (1020-1360 UAH.). In particular, Comme 03/16/2015adeno administrative protocol for centuries. CAO 188-28 on official Rivne road and operational management of highways for non SAI requirements to address weaknesses in the maintenance coating carriageway roads and no warning road signs marking sections of streets where some fixed depth of subsidenceand potholes, which exceeds the maximum permissible provided the requirements of GOST 3587-97 "Road Safety. Highways, streets and railroad crossings. Requirements for operating state. " Awarded second order to overcome these problems. 03/27/2015 administrative record compiled by Part 1 of Art. 140 CAO officer at the Office of Housingt and Utilities Rivne Municipality for the lack of road signs 5.16 "Driving Directions of the bands" on approaches to intersections, particularly in areas (sites) concentrations of accidents (intersection Hrushevskoho down-U.Samchuka, Kiev-D.Galytskogo-Kostroma, St.Bandery-Popovic-Dvoretska). Provided instruction to address the identified distressikiv. When surveyed road conditions include committing a traffic accident in 13 accidents recorded deficiencies in the maintenance of roads and streets that were committing concomitant cause accidents. Over these facts traffic police administrative reports drawn up by ch. 4. 140 CAO. 93 Sent information and requirements provided 345 measures of Road Safety ruHu, improvement of traffic management. From 30 March to 19 April held practical phase Spring commission inspection of roads and streets area. When browsing fixed state covering the roadway, technical regulation of traffic and so on. On the results of the review will be informed by the relevant executive owAdah. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region