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In the Rivne region will spend the holidays without accidents (+ photos)

Employees of the State once again remind the younger generation about the importance of compliance with traffic rules. A few days begin spring break. All my free time kids will spend on the street, playing ball, riding bikes, rollerblading and femalesatah. The responsibility for the health and lives of their children rests primarily on the shoulders of parents. They should know where their child, and supervise her children to protect them from injury, and sometimes take life. Parents need to realize the importance of their contribution in shaping children's minds relatively safe behavior on the streets ofheavy traffic. For example, parents must ensure that children deeply learned behavior rules in the street, and only buy them videos, bicycles, scooters and mopeds. But adults do not always manage to convey to their children the importance of compliance with traffic rules and, as a consequence - an accident. - Since the beginning of the year on the roads of Rivne severalNumber of accidents involving younger generation has increased. Of a total of almost half of accidents occurred due to the fault of the children. The sudden appearance on the road, moving street in prohibited place - these are the main reasons why children find themselves under the wheels of vehicles - said senior inspector of prevention roBots UGAI MIA Svetlana Marco. To the younger generation entertainment was safe once again remind employees of the State of the basic requirements for road users. Rules for Kids - pedestrians Be careful, even when you walk on the sidewalk, with court may suddenly leave the car. Do not catch the GAVI when to cross the road, even if you gow for the green light. Following the sidewalk, hold right. Not go up because of transport that is. Dochekaysya while he will leave. Not Grice near the road. Wait for the bus or trolley stop. Do not overlook the roadway. By location just come along on the left, toward the traffic. Cross the road only at designated places. Terms dlI children - cyclists Cyclist is a full member of the road, which is obliged to comply with the Rules as a whole. Move road bikes permitted to children under 14 years of age. Bicycles must be equipped with an audible signal and reflectors. For motion at nighttime and under insufficientstage of practical visibility bicycle must be installed and turned on lights (headlight). This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region