Farmers Vinnitsa region at the appropriate level to prepare a complex spring field work

According to the Department of Agricultural Development of Administration, of the region fully equipped seeds of spring crops (excluding maize), more than 71% of mineral fertilizers and fuel by 61% LubricationWe materials. Provision of agricultural machinery farm field allows projections of spring field work done in the best Agrotechnological time. Almost completed her training. Currently, farmers began feeding area for winter crops and perennial grasses. February 16, winter cereals fueled 7% Of area (30.5 thousand. Ha), winter rape - 10% of the area (7.9 thousand. Ha), and perennial grasses - an area of ??215 hectares. Today the area agricultural producers spent on financing spring field work at 2.7 billion. UAH., Or 63% of the planned expenditure (4.3 bn. USD.). With the heads of commercial banks in the region held a meeting at whichand discussed the financing of agricultural. As of mid-February, 20 agricultural enterprises in commercial banks were 41.3 million. USD loans, including 10 agricultural producers - 17.6 mln. USD. at 21.9% per annum. (VTB Bank - 1.8 million. UAH. At 21%, Credit Agricole Bank - 14.6 million. UAH., At 21.6%, Megabank- 113 thousand. UAH., Under 27%, International Investment. Bank - 413 thousand. UAH., At 21%, the National Credit - 700 thousand. USD. at 29.2% per annum). In consideration of banks still loan agreements worth more than 70 million. USD. A total of planting is planned to involve 233 million. USD. credit banks. Farms closely withpivpratsyuvaly of PJSC "Agrarian Fund." For they got 99.8 million. USD. advance payments in respect of forward contracts concluded by purchasing grain harvest 2015, which will be used for spring field work. In the regional budget provided for expenditure in the amount of 74.8 million. UAH., For the financing of veterinary hospitals and laboratories, including40.4 million. USD. the general fund budget and 34,4 million. USD. through a special fund. Amount of financing institutions meet budgetary needs for 2015. From the beginning, veterinary hospitals and laboratories funded in the amount of 6.5 million. UAH., Or one hundred percent of the plan. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration