Deadly accident on Lanovechchyni: rozmynulasya not supplying the truck

The accident happened on the eighth April about 16 hours between villages and Krasnoluka Tataryntsi, on the highway "Ternopil-Lanivtsi." 51-year-old driver of the car "Ural 43,202" faced with carting running 61-year-old inhabitant of the village Krasnoluka. According toinvestigators visas to meet the truck moving. According to preliminary data, during a patrol horse suddenly ran into the opposite lane and pulled under the wheels of the cart Urals. The accident firman was killed on the spot. The truck driver did not get injuries. The event brought to a single register of pre-trial investigations under article 286 part 2 of the Criminal Code - abuse rulesroad safety or operation of transport by a person driving the vehicle that caused the death. Ongoing investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region