In the current heating season Vinnichchina in the public sector have saved six billion cubic meters of natural gas (+ photos)

How is Vinnichchine heating season, which is being done on energy efficiency and that credit conditions for energy-saving materials, solid fuel and electric boilers are available for vinnichan said 17 Liuthat during the press conference. Speakers at the event, held at the press center of the Department of Information and Communication of the RSA was director of housing and communal services, energy and infrastructure Governor Anatoliy Vakar and Deputy Head of Retail Banking Branch raidssnoho management Sberbank Elena Yablochnikova. According to Anatoly cowherd, the heating season in Vinnitsa region is stable homes that are heated from centralized sources, fully equipped with heat, no problems in the individual gas consumers. "As part of this heating season, the population of the region compared with the corresponding laneiodom last year reduced gas consumption by 11%. And despite the fact that the number of customers increased by 7%. Also last year we transferred 135 boiler public sector to alternative fuels. Thanks to this, already in the public sector savings have 6 billion cubic meters of gas. Although according to the calculations we planned to save nearly 7 billioncubic meters of gas. But even 2 months ahead of the heating season, I think we will be able to save more 7 billion "- said Anatoly Vakar. This year Vinnichchine planning to convert to alternative fuels 136 facilities in the public sector. "To implement the plan, no money. We hope for Regional Development Fundment and local budgets, which this year received more power. In addition, for this purpose has allocated 5 million from the regional budget. We intend to rural areas were transferred all schools to alternative fuels "- said Anatoly Vakar. By implementing energy efficiency measures encourages state population. Thus, according toDeputy Head of Retail Banking Branch Regional Directorate of Sberbank Elena Yablochnikovoyi in October last year, came into force Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On changes to the use of funds allocated in the state budget for the implementation of measures for energy efficiency and energconservation ". According to the Resolution of JSC "Sberbank" is defined only by the authorized bank for the implementation of the State Target Economic energy efficiency programs and the development of energy production from renewable energy sources and alternative fuels for 2010-2015 in part "urging the population to the implementation of energy efficiency measures wlyahom reimbursement of the loan involved in the acquisition of boilers using any fuels and energy (excluding natural gas). "The state program provides for reimbursement of the loan amount once each borrower in the amount of 20% of the loans obtained for him a loan agreement for the purchase of a boiler with useany use of fuels and energy (except natural gas), but not more than 5000 USD and subject to the provision of such borrower to the bank document confirming the receipt of the boiler from the seller. Mandatory condition to include information about the authorized bank loan extended to the borrower - individual, consolidated register thatsubmitted to Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti for reimbursement of the loan amount, the borrower is to provide such an authorized bank documents (copies), confirming the proper use of credit, including: sales contract boiler (provided its conclusion); invoice for payment of the purchase boiler; documents confirming the recottage boiler borrower - individual "- said Elena Yablochnikova. In Ukraine, the program benefited nearly 1,800 persons who purchased fired boilers pryrobku not on gas, and on other fuels. By 2014 affiliate Vinnytsia Regional Department of Savings Bank issued loans 68 persons, amounting to 700 thousand. On tis reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration