Joseph Sytnyk: " target subsidies to the purchase price of milk partially protect farmers from complete impoverishment and dairy monopoly dictates of "

February 16, 2015 the faction VO " Freedom " Lviv Regional Council Joseph Sytnyk during a meeting of Standing Committee on b'yudzhetu, socio-economic development and community inlasnosti Lviv regional council proposed to amend the " Comprehensive program of support and development of agriculture Lviv region 2013 - 2015 years & quot ;, council decision of 16.05.2013 ( 760). Svobodivets proposed to provide a special grant of 0.35 USD. / Liter sold milk produced by individual farmsa population that sells its dairy processors in Lviv. The proposed changes to the Programme, involving changes to " Comprehensive program of support and development of agriculture Lviv region 2013 - 2015 years & quot ;, council decision of 16.05.2013 p. ( 760), which provide special dotation 0.35 USD. / liter for milk sold, produced by individual farms, which sells its dairy processors in the Lviv region. Initiators changes emphasize that subsidizing c / agricultural producers is an international practice support domestic producers. In EU countries carried out in the form of subsidies to help the production ofykam high quality wheat, limiting the area under cultivation of grain quotas; subsidized up to 50% of the milk produced in the established quotas. In addition, the subsidy to the production of milk prices will at least minimal way to encourage households to retain the existing number of cows will increase nominativecial incomes in rural areas in conditions of high inflation and devaluation trohrazovoyi. &Quot; This measure will and economic impact for the region: - With an increase in sales of milk to dairy enterprise Lviv, increase production and sales of finished products, and this additional revenuesbudgets sih levels (VAT, income tax, income tax, etc.); - Increase market competition preparations of milk processing plants because of nearby areas that dictate monopoly low (dumping) the purchase price will have to raise the minimum purchase price to get the necessary raw materials in Lviv region; - Increase obsyahill processing dairy plants Lviv facilitate the restructuring of production, expanding the range and variety of products, reduce production costs through " effect size " processing at constant or minor enhancements own purchase price, expand their network in the semis, will modernversus benefits processing equipment; - Milk processing market in Lviv region come new producers. Therefore, we believe that an effective system of grants based on the quality and quantity of milk to be implemented in accordance with European experience support milk production sector & quot ;, - stated in the appeal. This was reported in the press sluzhbi Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "