In Ternopil planted ornamental trees Nearly 70

species of ornamental trees « Paulownia & raquo ;, « tulip tree » and « plane » members of the executive committee of Ternopil city council planted in the park. Shevchenko 8 April. It tells the Mayor Sergei Nadal, these trees will become another gem of the city and combustionHome of the old poplars planted saplings at which, you can make trees ’ volved figure. On the waterfront pond near Cross set to commemorate the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus, planted 30 tulip trees. It tells Sergei Nadal, this type of tree was not chosen by chance. &Laquo; This avenue we call « Alley of Heroes & raquo ;, as Herond not die as tulip tree flower blooms all year and does not disappear until next spring - said the mayor. &Ndash; Note that most of the trees Shevchenko Park & ??ndash; Poplar is that old, and allergic emergency. When new saplings grow up a bit, we transform the old poplar trees on ’ volved sculptures to decorate an additional claimsheets & raquo ;. Representatives of the City Council planted 14 trees species « Paulownia » on « Islets Love & raquo ;, which will have a purple color, and the coastal area to the pavilion « Chess Club » - 20 species of trees « & raquo ;. plane This was reported in the Ternopil City Council