68 children with Easter Volnovakha meet in Lutsk

"East and West together" - this slogan has become synonymous with unity of Ukraine Lviv to Lugansk from Kyiv to Sevastopol. Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk, deputies of the city council and the executive committee embody this idea, not in words but in deeds. Yes, Christmas vacation in Lutsk held in DecemberUPA twenty students 5-9 grades of secondary school number 2 cities Kreminna Luhansk region. Last night came to Lutsk group of 68 children and we are 11 adults with Volnovakha city of Donetsk region. This continued cooperation in the framework of the signed February 25 Memorandum of Cooperation between Lutsk and Volnovakha. Welcome guests in Lutzkyy Station with bread and embroidered towels came deputy mayor, manager of the executive committee Yuri Verbych, members of the city council, teachers schools. Yuri Verbych welcomed visitors from the East to the Volyn land and wished them a good holiday. According to him, stay prepared an interesting program that willopportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of Easter meeting in our region, historical heritage of Volyn. The delegation from the city of Lutsk Volnovakha to 15 April. During his stay in Volyn children will be able to communicate with their peers from secondary schools in Lutsk, participate in training zanyattyah, inspect Old Town, Lutsk castle, Zhydychynskyy St. Nicholas monastery, museum of Lesya Ukrainian village Kolodiazhne. And children will take part in the Easter holiday events to be held in our city. Also, guests will be organized with Volnovakha visiting PJSC "Terem-bread", "SKY Bar" and ASC "Crank City." Fromustrinutsya children and the Metropolitan and Volyn Lutsk visit Michael and Holy Trinity Cathedral. This was reported in Lutsk City Council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/