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In Ternopil take care about your homes during the Easter holidays

Traditionally during the Easter holidays, when citizens of Ternopil travel to visit relatives in their homes prokradayutsya thieves. Police statistics comforted: 78 burglaries committed since the beginning of the year revealed only 48. So, dear native inhabitants, take care about your Osel. Practical advice from the police. 1. Do not leave the keys to the apartment, including "Appointed place" (in mat, door on the box, etc.) and do not share them with others. 2. In case of loss of at least one of the keys to urgently change or lock cylinder mechanism. 3. Do not store in an apartment in one place large sums of money, jewelryproducts. Limit the scope of persons who are aware of the value stored in you. 4. Remember that most criminals check for money in linen closets, sideboards, books, clothing, vases, household appliances in the kitchen. 5. Based on apartments, close the door to all locks available on the door. 6. Potovaryshuyte with neighborsespecially pensioners, at home, will periodically monitor for your home. 7. To be calm and not worry about the possibility of entry into your apartment - contact law enforcement agencies, in order to establish an alarm system. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region