In the Transcarpathian region enhanced cooperation between the legal profession and the centers of free secondary legal assistance

"Legal aid: cooperation for improvement" - under that name recently held a roundtable held Transcarpathian regional center of free secondaryfirst legal aid lawyers together with the Council of Transcarpathian region. The event aimed to discuss issues that may arise during the interaction of the free legal aid and advocacy, enhance cooperation between the legal profession and the centers of free secondary legal aid. In obhovorenni agenda included: Basil Popadynets, director of the Transcarpathian regional center of free secondary legal aid Maramyhin Paul, head of quality assurance of legal aid, Larissa Fuchko, head of legal aid in criminal proceedings, Alex Fazekosh, chairman of hellvokativ Transcarpathian region, Tatiana Bo?seghem representative QDCB Transcarpathian region in VKDKA, Yuri Lavrentiev, department head of the Transcarpathian Association of Ukraine, Oksana Andreykovych, head of the territorial department of the Ukrainian public organization "Association of lawyers providing legal aid" and lawyers Iki provide free secondary legal aid. Greeted the participants of the round table addressed the center's director Vasily Popadynets. He described the activity center in region during 2013-2014 years, outlined the future prospects of the legal aid system, including the provision of this type of state guaranteesuu disadvantaged people in civil and administrative cases and focused participants on the most problematic issues that arise in the course of this work. The head of the Bar Council of Transcarpathian region Alexei Fazekosh in his welcoming remarks confirmed Presence of a constructive cooperationIL Transcarpathian regional center BVPD and the legal profession Transcarpathian region, and emphasized the need for the operation and development of the legal aid system is under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. A special discussion was the issue that concerned the professional ethics of lawyers in connection with the implementationsiyeyu practice century. 53 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine (involvement defender for the separate proceedings (DR). Thus, lawyers Centre Natalie Cutter and Mr. Oros said that a lawyer involved in the DR should be interested to adequately protect the interests of the client and to be aware of its legal positionfellow lawyer who protects directly. They also noted that in practice actually investigating authorities and prosecutors, involving a lawyer in DR neglected dignity the absence of a lawyer who protects and destroy his position protection. Equally controversial was discussion of "free choice of defense counsel." During discussedRennes Chief of legal aid in criminal proceedings Larissa Fuchko it suggested evidence of arbitrary exclusion replacement lawyers acting on behalf of the center, and determining the number of lawyers replacing one criminal proceedings, since these facts contribute to the protraction of criminal proceedingsI and wasteful use of public funds. This proposal was supported by the participants. As lawyers provide office space, especially in the courts of first instance? - One of the issues through expert discussion, to address what roundtable participants agreed and decided to prepare a joint statementthe judicial administration of the Transcarpathian region to address this issue. During active constructive discussion discussed a number of other important issues, including: requirements for the professional ethics of lawyers, the ratio of the constitutional rights to protection and improvement of the conditions of competition for the selection of lawyers to provide bezoplatual secondary legal aid, what should be the quality standards of legal aid in civil and administrative cases, the possibility of launching joint cascade trainings and seminars to training lawyers, including those not entering the register of attorneys who provide freein secondary legal aid and do not work on a regular basis with the Centre. Transcarpathian regional center to provide secondary legal aid This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast Administration